Monday, April 25, 2011

Fat and Friendless

Once upon a time in a land far away there lived a single girl with a gaggle of gorgeous girlfriends. With many social events to attend this lady was never at a loss for a friend to accompany her. She had a companion for every hour even those that most found to be watching from the inside of their eyelids. The giggles were endless and the gossip flowed freely. From anyone’s standards this group would be the envy of lonely girls everywhere. Then one day her friendships and the idea of friendship itself changed.

One day while minding her own business, literally, the lady with many gorgeous girlfriends met a handsome prince. After the initial meeting, it was a mere week to their first date. Within the hour of that original rendezvous, the handsome prince announced his intentions to the fair lady. He desired to marry her and fill her once taut tummy with babies galore, hopefully boys he expressed. The fair lady giggled and gasped silently and ordered another round of drinks. Indeed he was a handsome prince with a laundry list of qualities the lady desired, the clearest of which was passion, but was he also bat-shit crazy? These questioned required answers but first there was to be free-flowing conversation and cocktails. Somewhere between sushi and another bar the questions seemed irrelevant. Perhaps the handsome prince was nuts but the fair lady was an almond lover. It seemed meant to be, this love affair that was developing. Three weeks after their first date the handsome prince slipped a ring on the finger of his lady. Three months later he slipped another ring on her finger on the stunning beaches of Maui. Inside the fair lady’s belly at this beach was the first of two handsome boys. All the prince’s revelations had come true. The fairytale was in full effect.

The fair lady called her gaggle of gorgeous girlfriends to announce her exhilaration and induce mutual celebration but the calls went mostly unanswered. Phones rang endlessly and when answered conversations were curt and lifeless. The tides of her female relationships were changing. She felt lonely in a capacity so deep that one can only feel when hormones are raging wildly from the growth of new life inside. Tears fell hard and fast like a raging river. Her handsome prince would look on helpless and fearful of the powerful changes in his new bride. There is little that compares to what surely feels like a betrayal of heart. How could friends, so allegedly close, disappear in the blink of an eye? How did her protective circle vanish like a dust into the wind? She’d spend many a night cuddled up with a big bowl of ice cream atop an ever growing belly wondering where it all had gone wrong. Few in that circle would remain. “Maybe just maybe it would turn out to be even better,” a friend had suggested while attempting to comfort her. When those words appeared to fall on deaf ears the friend tried again exclaiming, “I keep my circle nice and small, I don't f*ck with these clown niggas.” Finally riotous laughter would fall from the fair lady’s lips at the encouragement of Mr. 50 Cents famous words. Maybe, just maybe it would all turn out even better.
Late in the pregnancy of her first son she would begin to feel the bonds of real friendship with new and glorious girlfriends. And more importantly she would rebuild friendships with the oldest of her friends turning them into unbreakable bonds. Life would be kind and reveal to her all that was needed. No longer would she stay out drinking and dancing with these girlfriends until early in the a.m. finally face-planting into a cheeseburger. Now these friendships would be nurtured over fine wines and honest conversations. Things were indeed changing, and she was blissful to find that change was as good as they say. She would find that the only real constant in life is change. However, it turns out that when you have the right circle the players in that circle do not need to be recast. You can give each other the necessary room to change and remain stronger on any account. And everyone can truly live happily ever after.

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  1. Humorous, true and insightful words by Mrs. Ra here, calling into question the nature of the modern-day American BFF culture. Can those airtight bonds forged in high school/college survive the trials of marriage and maternity? See the answers play out on Facebook... ;)